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Air end repairs

Air end repairs: ENDURO, AERZENER, GHH Rand, ROTORCOMP, SULLAIR, KAESERAfter air end diagnostics, our engineers estimate the necessary repairs and provide calculation of the repairs and necessary spare parts.

Depanding on the air end size, the repairscan be release from some days to some months.

Our company repairs the air end of the following manufacturers: ENDURO, AERZENER (VMXA 45RD, VMXA 0837, VMXA 0937, VMXA 037, VMXA 137R, VMXA 237 R, VMXA 337R, VMXA 437R), ROTORCOMP (B 260, B 201, B 160, B 101, B 170, B 60, NK 40, NK 60, NK 100, NK 160, EV 09), TAMROTOR (END 3, END 6, END 12, END 25, END  75), GHH-RAND (CE 55RW, CF 75D8, CF 90, OS 70, OS 110), CompAir (EK 76 NK, EK 100 NK, EK 80 NK, EK 103 NK, EK 110 NK, EK 145 NK, Cyklon 3, EK 175 NK, EK 140NG), Boge, Atlas Copco, Demag (EK 103 NK, SE 60S), SULLAIR, Сигма 293, 21, 12, 13, 29.

Possible cases of air end repairs:

1.Run-out of the shaft seal and sealing rings, and as result, oil leaks. Insufficient quantity of the oil will not cool the air and bearings lubricant enough, and will be the case of equipment break, and as result will not lubrucate of the rotors effective and air overflows from the screw coils, that reduce the performances of the screw compressor.

2. Bearing run-out is a reason of changing screw alignment, changing the gaps (increasement and decreasement).

At best, the efficiency will be decrease (in case of the end gap increase), at worst, air end blocks because of welding the rotors to the housing of the screw unit (in case of end gap decrease) and block because of changing the rotors alignment.

3. Burrs on screws.

At first it increase the load on bearings (bearing run-out increasing, power loss), then the open space for the contact is appear occurs the air end block. The similar result can be reached after certain time of noise inside the air end without any reaction from the personnel side.

Air end repairs include:

1. Diagnostics: disassembly, revision and assembly the air end.

2. Bearings replacement (we use bearings the best world bearings manufacturers).

3. Rotor surface recovery (if necessary).

4. Housing geometry recovery (if necessary).

5. Air end shaft seal kit replacement.

6. The optimal gap adjustment and rotor alignment, gaps regulation:

Gap and rotor alignment adjustment is released with using special tool, due to the highest efficiency of the air end and long lifetime of the  unit is providing.  The gaps adjustment are in certain ranges, which provides high efficiency.

If during compressor operation the gaps (for example, end gaps) will be adjust less than minimum value of the range, rotors heat, metal expands and it is a reason the rotor and housing contact. As rotation speed is high, shortly metal weld.

Then the screw unit can be just utilize. If the gaps are highter than maxumum value of the range, efficiency decreases because of air-oil mixture leaks,  as well as parameters of the cooling element and rotor lubricant are changed, that prevent  to decrease the air end lifetime.

We provide warranty terms for repaired air end.

According to your request, we will prepare prior calculation for your air end repairs, please send us your request to our e-mail address: or contact us +38044 362-60-28.