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Compressor equipment diagnostics

Our company provides a wide range of the service and repair of the compressed air equipment.Compressors eqipment diagnostics, диагностика компрессорного оборудования

1. Compressed air equipment diagnostics (in case of wll-timed diagnostics of the equipment, it’s possible to avoid expensive repair and renovation of the blocked air end).

2. Air end repair of the following well-known manufacturers:

ENDURO, AERZENER (VMXA 45RD, VMXA 0837, VMXA 0937, VMXA 037, VMXA 137R, VMXA 237 R, VMXA 337R, VMXA 437R), ROTORCOMP (B 260, B 201, B 160, B 101, B 170, B 60, NK 40, NK 60, NK 100, NK 160, EV 09), TAMROTOR (END 3, END 6, END 12, END 25, END  75), GHH-RAND (CE 55RW, CF 75D8, CF 90, OS 70, OS 110), CompAir (EK 76 NK, EK 100 NK, EK 80 NK, EK 103 NK, EK 110 NK, EK 145 NK, Cyklon 3, EK 175 NK, EK 140NG), Boge, Atlas Copco, Demag (EK 103 NK, SE 60S), SULLAIR, Сигма 293, 21, 12, 13, 29, of the following air compressors manufactures Abac, Airpol, Aerzener, Almig, Alup, Atlas Copco, Atmos, Becker, Boge, Bottarini, Busch, Ceccato, CompАir, Demag, Dalgakiran, Domnick Hunter, Donaldson, Ecoair, Ekomak, Fiac, Fini, Gardner Denver, Hankison, Hiross, Hydrovane, Ingersoll Rand, Mahle, Mark, Mattei, MTA, Omi, Pneumofore, Rietschle, Rotorcomp, Ultrafilter, Worthington, WAN, Zander, Remeza etc.

Repairs of the air end include:

    - disassembly, inspection and assembly the unit,

    - shaft bearings replacement ,

    - rotor surface recovery (if necessary),

    - housing geometry recovery (if necessary),

    - shaft seal replacement,

    - adjustment of the optimal gaps and rotors alighment, thermal regulation gaps.

3. Compressed air repairs (repairs of the drive, electrical motor, inventer, valves adjustement etc.).

4. Air dryers repairs (refrigerant and dessicant).

5. Compressed air equipment maintenance (according to the maintenance manual, control parameters of the compressor).

We are preparing the calculation of the service repairs and parts under your request. Please send your inquiry to our e-mail address:, or contact us +38 044 362-60-28.