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Heat recovery devices for the air screw compressor

Using heat from the air screw compressor air compression for heating the water is the most actual question on the industrials factories of Ukraine during last time.

 The most part of the air screw compressor electrical energy is converted to thermal energy.

You can find below the diagram of the energy distribution in the air screw compressor.

On the diagram we can see that 72% of energy dissipated in the oil cooler it is possible for the water heating.  The water can be heated by the temperature 80 °Ń.

Additional cooler “oil-water” is used in the oil circuit of the screw compressor is used for this solution.

There are two ways of the upgrading for the heat recovery installation:

          1. Inside the compressor

          2. Separate device.

Payback terms for this device depend on selected upgrading type can be from 3 to 5 months.